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This article is open ended that provides an insight on creating the mindset for entrepreneurs from the perspective of a successful entrepreneur. The basis of this article is to create the realistic atmosphere entrepreneurs need to manage their business efficiently and effectively. The question we try to answer is why entrepreneurs need to establish this mindset, and is it possible to create a mindset that may or may not exist? Entrepreneurship is about commitment, time & resources management, and most important; the mindset.

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

– Albert Einstein

In the rapid development of technology and the rapid pace of information transfer; entrepreneurs need to establish rapid response to reach out the customers and to be able to develop rapid solutions to the existing or the future problems. Time management is a key skill everyone shall develop, and there are many methodologies that can help in time management. Although time is very subjective, it can be fast to other, while slow to other at the same instance. Time management is about establishing a process to organize and plan how tasks will be done with respect to time. By this, a person can be less distracted by the randomness or different tasks, and will keep in mind contingency in case it is required to finish the tasks when they are due. We can start by basic methods to plan time and tasks, lets say; someone who is usually waiting for tasks to appear, would favor using First-Come-First-Served (FCFS) method. By this, he will make sure all tasks that appear in such sequence will be completed in the same sequence. This method works best in enterprises with low demand – long lead time. Another method that is very useful in a busy day is to schedule the tasks based on Shortest-Processing-Time (SPT), where you will complete all short tasks before starting the long lead tasks, which will consecutively increase your milestone performance. Generally used method is to schedule the events by the Earliest-Due-Date (EDD) that is one of the most logical method, why should I spend time in a task due in one month, where I should focus on tasks due in days? The call is yours to choose the most appropriate scheduling method, but remember that failing to plan is planning to fail.

It is of human nature to develop different interests in different things, or even sometimes in different aspects of the same thing. One should explore his own interests and find out how he can develop more skills in those interests. The first step that can always work in exploring self is to conduct experiments in trying new things, as a rule of thumb, don’t judge something without trying it. Many methods and techniques can be used to find your inner passion and interest, or develop a new interest. Explore yourself by trying new things or trying new ways to do the tasks you used to do. The skills pool is just a virtual imagination of the real skills you have, while those skills are the easiest to reshape and develop, it can be tricky that some skills are embedded in one’s culture or DNA. Step two is to know what type of learners you are. The major types of learners are; visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic. Others may classify learning into eight styles that are; linguistic leaner, naturalist leaner, rhythmic leaner, kinesthetic leaner, visual leaner, logical leaner, interpersonal leaner, and intrapersonal learner. Notice the patterns in your learning method and how perceive the message and ideas, this will help you know how to sell your idea to people.

Time and resources management comes with proper scheduling and planning, while the mindset is developed by knowing who you truly are; the set of skills, the way you perceive information and learn, and how to transfer your information to other. If you face difficulties figuring out how to create the mindset, observe role models, and mimic their way of thinking until you develop your unique mindset to run your business.


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